Tasting Workshops

Take part in a series of tasting workshops on a variety of themes. Registration is on site and workshops take place on the 2nd floor of the Grand Quay. Each workshop lasts 45 minutes.

  • Explore wines of the Pacific Northwest (in French)

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 | 4:45 PM

    Louis-Jacques Bleau, Head Sommelier, Les Cavistes

    If Washington and Oregon were in an Asterix comic book, they would represent the Gauls of the American West Coast! Come and discover how the terroirs of these two states are in symbiotic relationship to produce quality wines with great elegance. From the desert plateau of the Columbia Valley to the lush valleys of the Willamette Valley, Louis-Jacques Bleau will introduce you to wines that will mark your imagination!

  • The fabulous history of Wines of Moldova (in French)

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 | 5:30 PM

    Liudmila Sterzi and Diana Lazar

    Wines of Moldova are on the rise and deserve to be known. Discover the history of the wines of this country which has the greatest density of vines per capita. Tasting of some beautiful vintages in the company of two Moldovan experts who are passionate about this country which has so much to offer.


  • Piedmont Wines from Italy

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 | 6:15 PM

    Speaker to be confirmed

    Piedmont is one of the most important wine regions in Italy for the diversity of its wines and grape varieties. Nebbiolo has notably contributed to the national recognition of Piedmont as a wine-producing region. Piedmont is the origin of remarkable wines, produced in a geography shaped by the Alps to the north and the Mediterranean to the south.

  • Discovering the Mezcal

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 | 7:00 PM

    Q.B. Abelino Cohetero Villegas, President of the Executive Council of COMERCAM*

    Demystify the Mezcal designation of origin. How to identify quality mezcal, types and categories. Identification of the different types of agave in the Mezcal appellation and its terroirs. Tasting of 4 mezcales.

    * presentation in Spanish simultaneously translated into French.

  • Acerum, the spirit of Quebec (in French)

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 | 7:45 PM

    Corinne Cluis, Union des distillateurs de spiritueux d'érable

    For several years, local microdistilleries have been developing Acerum, a new category of spirit, from one of Quebec's most emblematic resources. It is a noble and unique spirit which subtly reveals the hidden aromas of maple. Discover the history and aspirations of this typical alcohol while tasting a selection of Acerums currently on the market.

  • Discovering Swiss cheeses! (in French)

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 | 3:45 PM

    Yannick Achim - Presented by Emmi Canada

    This workshop will present the organoleptic quality of the cheeses tasted. Discover how the organoleptic quality of food influences the consumer experience of food with their senses (sight, taste, smell, and touch). Qualitative description, components and unique recipe for each cheese tasted. Accompanied by a glass of wine!


  • Sparkle your life: discover and recognize Prosecco DOC (in French)

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 | 4:30 PM

    Guénaël Revel – Monsieur Bulles

    Exclusively produced in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Prosecco DOC comes from a special interaction between soil and wine tradition. With its fresh and elegant taste, floral and fruity aromas and low alcohol content, Prosecco DOC is perfect for aperitif and celebrations, it also pairs with food from all over the world.

  • Explore the terroirs of Tejo Portugal (in English)

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 | 5:15 PM

    Vianna Jr Dirceu, Master of Wine

    Located on both sides of the river which traces its path westwards to Lisbon, discover the terroirs of this wine region which deserves to be known. Some great wines await you for tasting.

    This conference is in English.

  • Savourez les vins du Pays d’Oc IGP en Languedoc-Roussillon (in French)

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 | 6:00 PM

    Isabelle Bordeleau

    Come explore the world of Pays d’Oc IGP wines. With 58 grape varieties covering 120,000 hectares between the sea and the mountains, these wines soak up the myriad influences of this temperate Mediterranean climate.

  • Rioja, 100 km of diversity (in French)

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 | 6:45 PM

    Ana Gallegos, dipWSET

    Rioja wines are protected by the oldest designation of origin in Spain. You will discover that beyond a strong identity, Rioja is today more and more varied and innovative, with new techniques, new terroirs, and new styles. Tasting of three red wines with different characters and three wines representing the renaissance of Rioja whites. Still think Rioja can't surprise you?

  • The art of cheese tasting (in French)

    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 | 7:30 PM

    Olivier Laurin et Olivia Janse. Presented by Nibbl.

    What is the difference between a brie and a camembert? At Nibbl., we want to share our cheese expertise with Canadians. With this workshop, you will learn about the art of tasting cheese. We will introduce you to the different types of cheese, how to garnish your cheese board to impress your guests as well as the best wine and cheese pairings. Prepare your palate for a tasting that will introduce you to the delicious world of cheese.

Tasting Workshops

Take part in a series of tasting workshops on a variety of themes.

Registration is on site at the reception desk, and workshops take place on the 2nd floor of the Grand Quay.

Each workshop lasts 45 minutes.

  • Wines of Rioja, Spain
  • Pays d'Oc PGI wines, France
  • Piedmont wines, Italy
  • Prosecco DOC, Italy
  • Washington and Oregon wines, USA
  • Wines from Tejo, Portugal
  • Tasting Climate Change
  • Cocktail workshop
  • Mezcal